Company Ethos

As a group of colleagues at Specialist Anaesthetic Services, we believe in care. Care of each other, ourselves, our Patients and our Surgeons.

As a group of Anaesthetists, we pride ourselves in both common and diverse skills and we energetically share our knowledge between one another and the group at large.

In common, we value safety at all times, with the best outcome for our patients. We have our own specialty areas in which we excel, where our ethos is sharing our knowledge and striving for current updates where we can be at the forefront with our expertise.

We endeavour to run all our day to day operations fairly, openly and respectfully. Professional development opportunities are provided through our internal CME program, annual patient surveys, contribution to anaesthetic training through trial vivas and representation on committees, locally, interstate and internationally .

We welcome new Anaesthetists who value becoming professionals in the broadest sense - people who are clinically sound, community-minded and willing to give back some of their time and expertise to our practice and rewarding profession.

If you are interested in starting your private anaesthetic practice with SAS, please contact us at 08 8273 5666.