Specialist Anaesthetist

Dr Glenda Rudkin

MBBS, FANZCA, Dip Obst (Auckland)

Special Anaesthetic Interests:

  • Regional anaesthesia for ophthalmic surgery including retinal and cataract surgery
  • Regional anaesthesia for orthopaedics particularly joint arthroplasty and foot and ankle surgery
  • Anaesthesia for neurosurgery
  • Ambulatory surgery

Regional anaesthetic practice includes latest techniques inclusive of ultrasound nerve location. In all areas of clinical practice Glenda highlights the need for multimodal pain management so that patients have early return to mobilisation with minimal side effects such as nausea and vomiting. She encourages reduced reliance on opioid pain medication prioritising enhanced recovery with best surgical outcome.

Professional Biography:

Dr Glenda Rudkin is passionately devoted to her profession. As a student, she dedicated herself to her chosen career. After completing her medical degree at the University of Melbourne, she decided very early that anaesthesia offered opportunities in both the scientific and humanitarian aspects of medicine.

She believes that, as an anaesthetist, her role is both to apply her medical expertise with the highest patient quality care and to provide reassurance to those in her care. She understands that, for many, anaesthesia is an undiscovered territory, a world unknown and possibly frightening. Glenda offers a sense of calm, reassurance and reliability.

Glenda feels privileged to work as an integral team member with expert, well-regarded surgeons and nursing staff. She is an active full time member of Specialist Anaesthetic Services and is delighted to be part of this progressive anaesthetic group.

Glenda obtained her Anaesthetic specialist qualifications in 1981 in Adelaide, and has has been practising in both the public and private arena. She is in possession of a wealth of knowledge, which she has communicated both in her book chapters and over 40 publications in peer review journals. She has had extensive teaching experience at conferences, symposia and in developing countries. She enjoys the challenge of embracing new techniques safely.

Personal interests include nurturing grandchildren, garden design and championing growing exotic Mediterranean and native plants in a dry climate garden. Outside ventures include swimming, cycling and beaching wherever it is warm.